Dutch politician wants revenues international students

Revenues from international students in Great Britain are about 46.4 billion euro’s. Dutch politician Boris van den Ham (D66) saw this figure in The Economist, and got an idea. Wouldn’t it be great for the Netherlands to earn more educating foreign students?

According to website Transfermagazine.nl Van den Ham asked the Dutch state secretary for higher education what amount of money international students in the Netherlands bring in, and what the Netherlands could do to raise this. State secretary Halbe Zijlstra promised to see what he could do. Removing barriers for foreign students is this administration’s goal, he stressed.

According to The Economist, twenty percent of international students go to the United States, and twelve percent to Britain. For universities this is big business. English universities that want to grow, often depend on international students, as the numbers of English and European Union students is regulated by the British government, that has to pay for their education.


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