Upload cinema: No Happily Ever After

The public has sent in hundreds of youtube-videos. For hours editors have browsed the internet. A selection was made of the best, most bizarre and inspiring web movies: Upload Cinema is back in town.

Every edition of Upload Cinema has a different theme, so no programme will be the same. This time, movie theatre Filmfoyer brings you Upload Cinema; Bad Endings. Forget all the Hollywood-clichés and ‘Happily ever afters’. On the 8th of February, all you’ll see are webmovies with lovely, wonderfully unfortunate, unhappy and dramatic endings.  [Yannicke Goris]

Make sure to order your tickets quickly, because the chairs are great, the room is small and the clips will be unique.

  • What? Upload Cinema; Bad Endings
  • When? Tuesday 8 February, 20.00h
  •  Where? Filmfoyer Tilburg, Schouwburgring
  • Price? 7,50 euro  

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