Talking about THE company

Kitchen-warming is hot!

„An invitation to a kitchen-warming?“ Gene sounded puzzled on the end of the line. “Yes. Remember the nice girl I told you about that gave me such a good recommendation for THE company?” “You mean THE company that rejected your application?” “Yeah, thanks for bringing that up again.” “Take it easy San, at least I know now who you are talking about. What was her name again? She was Chinese, right?” “Yep, Wu Zetian invited me to her party and I asked if I can bring a friend to this ‘girl’s-night-kitchen-warming-party’. She said yes. So, are you in?” “Sounds great! Well, I see you Sunday, dear.”

I was excited. Not only because I hadn’t seen Gene for such a long time ever since she had moved away from Tilburg to pursue her job quest but also because I was excited seeing Wu Zetian again who, no matter the outcome, had been really helpful and sweet during my application process at ‘her’ company.


Mutual feelings among colleagues


“THE company? Ha, be happy that you got rejected! Trust me, there are much better companies out there!” I couldn’t believe my ears when Wu Zetian’s colleague Kim started laughing and looked at all the other colleagues that seemed to agree. The girl on Gene’s right, Maria, was shaking her head. “Ai dios mios, I have been working for THE company for almost five years and sometimes I think I should just quit and look for a new job!” Wu Zetian smiled as she sat next to me with a tray full of drinks. “Well, that is why resigned!” “You what?!” I almost spilled my juice in shock. “When did that happen?!” “Oh, it was time to move on. Maybe, it is only our department but I needed a bigger challenge.” Annette, sitting on my left, moved her glasses up her nose. “Wu Zetian, you lucky thing, promise us to visit from time to time. With you gone, it will get even more boring.” Gene and I looked at each other and couldn’t believe it. How could these four ladies talk like that about THE company I had always thought of being THE ONE. On our way to the train station that evening, I was wrapped in thoughts.


Bye bye, magic!

“Maybe, they are right!” Gene bumped into me and smiled. “Maybe, THE company was just bigger and more glorious in your head than in reality.” “Hm, I think you are right, indeed. But still, how unexpected! I really thought, this is THE one and now it seems to be THE one to keep away from.” I paused. “I know I shouldn’t feel this way.” “What do you mean, San?” I took a deep breath and looked over the lights of Delft and almost grinned with relief. “Disenchanted!”   

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