Review: Roger Waters – no education

It is still a rip off, a Mojo concert. Roger Waters at the Gelredome in Arnhem: entrance 69 euros, 12 euros for parking, 2.60 for drinks and 35 euros for a t-shirt.

Mojo is the only real monopoly in the Netherlands. It could use some critical reviews. An idea for our economics students maybe? Anyway, in 1990 I did not get to see the legendary The Wall on the Berlin Wall. So now I had to go. If you want to see something big in the Netherlands, you must be willing to spend some money.

It was spectacular: a crashing plane, quadraphonic sound, fireworks, giant inflatable puppets, vido projections, video mapping and original images of Gerald Scarfe. Great guitar solos from Snowy White (ex Thin Lizzy). But not an easy show: artistic montages, challenging images, and the narcissistic attitude of Roger himself was quite irritating. Often, the band stood behind the ‘wall’ that was being built during the concert.

Anti-militarism was very present, a flawless link was made between the deaths of father and grandfather in WW1 and WW II and current Iranian rebels. The Berlin Wall was compared with Israel’s wall. During the concert you get a feeling of oppression when you think about the participation of Dutch troops in the Libyan war. The music was great for sure, but has not changed since 1990.  [Francine Bardoel/transl. YV]

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