Student Rugby Club Tarantula promoted to third class

The Tilburg Student Rugby Club Tarantula  won the play-offs last weekend and is now promoted to third class. Tarantula defeated Wasps from Nijmegen with a 64-0 score.

For the occasion, the TSRC Tarantula board had rented a bus to travel to Nijmegen with team and fans. “At the arrival in Nijmegen the psychological effect showed at the faces of our opponents. Immediately after the kick-off it became clear that the Nijmegen team was no match for us. Tarantula already gained a comfortable lead before the break – with hard hits and good ‘rucks’. After the break the lead was expanded to 64-0”, the rugby players said. [MW/transl. YV]

[TSRC Tarantula is a student rugby club, in which students from Tilburg University, Fontys and Avans participate.]

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