Decision to dissolve d’Artagnan is definite

D’Artagnan has finally pulled out the plug and dissolved its organisation. “The proposal for dissolution of student organisation d’Artagnan was adopted by the General Members Meeting last week”, board member Frank Leenders says.

“This means that the board of d’Artagnan will now start the process that will ultimately lead to a complete dissolution and liquidation of the student organisation. The process is now irreversible.”

Because d’Artagnan became short of members, it saw its revenue dropping. D’Artagnan could not pay the rent for its residence ‘Le Château de Castelmore’ anymore.

D’Artagnan was founded in 2005 and presented itself as the fourth student organisation of Tilburg. The association had once more than one hundred members. That number has dropped to fifty.

D’Artagnan had developed several initiatives to turn the tide. Since August 2010 for example, the organisation was also open to international members.

Various student associations are interested in the vacant building located at Heuvelring 102.

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