Tilburg University students solve dog poop problem

Four students at the Tilburg School of Humanities have developed a method to tackle the dog poop problem. They invented a multimedia poop bin with touch screen. Rewarding good behavior instead of punishing dog and dog owner is the underlying philosophy.

verbodbord hondenpoep The prototype, named SnoepDog (snoep = candy), is a large bin where, after the dog owner has signed in, full poop bags go in and dog biscuits come out. By rewarding the dog the moment it has done its business the dog will be taught to poop near the bin. The owners receive a personal pass with which they can save for tax reduction or win toys for their dogs.

The SnoepDog has been tested at the animal protection dog training course in Breda. Tax reduction and the game are a good stimulus for people to clean up after their own dog. The students are planning to offer the equipment to municipalities.

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