#Tilburg trending topic

Tilburg is popular on social media network Twitter today. The city’s name is on the first place of the national trending topic list on the micro-blogging platform. Why, you ask? Has there been a bombing? Did local football team Willem II prevent their demotion to a lower football-league after all? Nope. Tilburg has been made trending topic through a clever ploy by marketers, hosted by Villamedia (an incubator for the creative industry in Tilburg) and the organization ‘Het Jaar 013’.

The ruse was widely discussed on Twitter in weeks prior. Tweeps were egging their followers on to make Tilburg trending topic – if only for one day. Why? 2013 is the year of Tilburg – 013 is the local area code and today is the thirteenth of May. Reason enough to celebrate on Twitter, the promoters reasoned. “Show your pride for Tilburg and make it a trending topic for a day!” said the marketers.

At approximately nine this morning, #Tilburg occurred more than the other popular hashtag in Holland, #Ajax, one of the nation’s soccer clubs. There were a lot of positive tweets, but some negative ones as well. However, there were more contestants vying for pole position, since eleven. Competition came from #psv (another soccer club. They presented a new trainer: Philip Cocu) and hashtags #eindexamen and #examen: hashtags used to signal the start of finals week in Dutch high schools. #Tilburg is still in pole position at the moment of writing.

If you’re not that into Twitter or dreadfully lazy, you can sign up for a service that automatically sends a tweet with #Tilburg.

Twitters indexes the frequency of words occurring in a tweet. If a word with a hashtag occurs often, the words get listed as a ‘trending topic’. If a word occurs a lot in a small timeframe it will score higher on the trending topic list.

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