What’s your impression?

Searching for information on the internet I found a critique on blog writers. The impression of the blog critic was that blog entries have become very impressionistic as opposed to realistic blog entries. Are you still there? Maybe impressionism needs some clarification.

Impressionism was “invented’’ by Claude Monet. He received a critique on one of his paintings “Impression: soleil levant” from Louis Leroy, an art critic, who when he saw the painting believed it was unfinished. If you take a look at the painting you can see that it has brush strokes and colors that are not completely blended together. Based on that Louis Leroy thought it was just an “impression” of a sunrise and not an actual sunrise. Claude Monet was wise enough to deny the critique and use the name of the painting for of a new art movement.

So my understanding is that an impressionistic blog is just a snapshot of reality, a part of a larger reality captured by chance. The writer encounters a fact and/or figure and writes a blog about it. Just as photographers capture a moment in time of a landscape or about day-to-day lives of people. So the role of an impressionistic blogger is to capture the impression of an event or fact. Impressionist painters and photographers are able to experiment with light, color and shadow while bloggers could experiment with style, audience and topic. The more I think about it the more puzzled I am. What kind of blog is the one you are reading? Is it all real or just an impression of my mind?

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