Fear of new terrorist attack killed Kenyan student

Students of the University of Nairobi’s Kikuyu campus were frightened by a loud bang on Sunday morning. Scared after the recent terrorist attacks in Garissa, another city in Kenya, students mistaked the explosion for an attack and started jumping from the windows. One student died and 141 others had to be treated in the hospital.

With the earlier Garissa attack in mind, the students in Nairobi wanted to avoid running down the stairs, afraid that terrorists would be waiting for them downstairs. That’s why a lot of them decided to jump out of the window.

In Garissa, 148 people, mostly students, died when terrorists group Al-Shabaab attacked the university campus. At first, they randomly shot students, after that, they selected the Christians. Here at Tilburg University, there will be a commemoration in Blackbox, tomorrow at 13.15.

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