Your day in the United Nations

This weekend, on Friday and Saturday, the second edition of Model United Nations Tilburg (TiUMUN) will take place. Students can stand in the shoes of a united nations delegate for two days, and improve their negotiation and public speaking skills.

“Basically, it is role playing,” says Michiel Hoornick, student Liberal Arts and organizer of TiUMUN. “You play the role of a country in one of the organs of the United Nations. For example, you can be in the security council of the international court of justice.” Participants do research on the opinions of the country they are representing, and then defend that country’s interests in debates. On Friday, the conference will open with a ceremony and a speech by professor Willem van Genugten.

Michiel says that they tried to make the conference even more realistic than last year. This time, there are also six students who act like journalists, to even include the media circus in the simulation. The real debates are on Saturday. “Students can make their statements and a speech and represent their countries in a debate,” Michiel says. “During the closing ceremony, we will hand out awards for the best debaters. And of course there will be a party after that.”

You can still register to participate in TiUMUN until Thursday.


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