Front wins elections, highest turnout ever

The race for your vote has been run and Front has won. Fraction Front and Fraction SAM have fought a hard battle. The marinated potatoes, sticky ice cream cones, cotton candy and labled bottles of water were trown at you while you tried to walk by. Everything to get the students to vote. And they did: 3223 times for Front and 2467 for SAM.Before the announcement of the results, clerk Thijs Pieters said that the turnout, 50,1% is the highest ever. It is the first time that more than half of the students voted. Because Pieters does not expect to be able to make himself heard over the noise later, he congratulates the students in advance.Iris Wester from SAM, reacts emotional: “you hope to get five, you get four. We have worked so hard and I think it would have been fair if we won, but it did not happen. I am happy to be in the council, but I would have loved if our number five could also be in. We became very good friends. The turnout is great, you really see that the elections become known under the student population.”Machiel Hermans, from Front, is barely able to speak until half an hour after the announcement. He says: “I am speechless. Of course I am happy, but it is a mixed feeling, because you start the campagne with nine people. You know you will not get the sixth seat, but it still sucks that people don’t make it. The other four have definitely contributed to this result. This is fantastic though, I am so proud.”Current member of the council for Front, Rowie Florijn, also thinks it is fantastic that the elections went so well for her party. “We have become the biggest student party in the council twice in a row now. The turnout is so high, because we have worked so hard, we have told people about the elections and we showed them that Front is there for them. I am very proud of that.”Jeroen Wienen, vice president of SAM, has mixed feelings about the result. “In a way, we saw this coming, because SAM and Front have different tactics. We keep the elections on the campus and online. This result might be a logical consequence of that, you get less fame, but you do work towards what you want to achieve. Of course this still sucks extremely. Personally, I do not think the way we are running this campaign is the right one. We tried to change it, but Front did not want to. So we had to participate, or we would have lost anyway. I am curious how many students have voted because they knew what they were doing. It would have been nice if the website had a button you could click: ‘This is a substantive vote’.”Results
Eligible voters 11577
Turnout 50,1%
Voters 5690
Blank votes 115

1. Front 3223
2. SAM 2567

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