Doubling international students at Tilburg University possible?

Doubling international students at Tilburg University possible?

Tomorrow is Philip Eijlander’s last work day as Rector at Tilburg University. Because of that, the local newspaper Brabants Dagblad (BD) published an interview with him today. Just like in the interview with Univers in December, Eijlander speaks about internationalization and Stapel. Now, at the end of his term, he even says ‘a doubling of the number of international students at Tilburg University is realistic’.According to the International Office, a quarter of all bachelor students and half of all master students will be international in the future. Eijlander says that this will not mean that Tilburg University can accept less Dutch students. “We want Tilburg University to cover around 5 percent of the Dutch market, in number of students as well as in money. This is reasonable, when you look at the number of universities and their size. Right now, we are at just under 4 percent, so there is still room to grow.”

Eijlander says he is proud of the progress with the Tilburg Education Profile. Even though Tilburg University wants to prepare its students for the job market, there will be no mandatory internships. “That is something that belongs at the universities of applied science, the practical education. […] We will stimulate students to do an internship apart from their studies, for example in summer. It is reasonable to ask this from them.”

The outgoing Rector accepts that his time as Rector is connected to the affair around Diederik Stapel. About this, he says: “I accept this, but I would like to close that book. The only positive thing about it is that most people think we have handled the affair well.”


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