Long-expected debate about TiU’s future this Thursday

Long-expected debate about TiU’s future this Thursday

“The protest here is like a fire in a heath. It does not die, it keeps smouldering,” said Professor of Economics Eric van Damme in Univers no. 11. Along with a group of other concerned professors, since June 2014 he tries to get a debate going about the future of our university. And this Thursday, this broad debate will happen.The debate is initiated by the Executive Board, in cooperation with Academic Forum.  They invited representatives of six different groups that have their own concerns about how universities are led. Of course there is the student group New University Tilburg (NUtilburg), and ReThink, a movement of university staff. Eric van Damme will be there, but also national organizations like Beter Onderwijs Nederland (Better Education Netherlands), Science in Transition and Platform Hervorming Nederlandse Universiteiten (Platform reform Dutch Universities).The Chairman of the Board, Koen Becking, will attend the debate. According to Academic Forum, this is the first debate in The Netherlands that brings all the initiatives together for a discussion about the future of the university. Representatives of the groups will get eight minutes to diagnose the existing situation, take out a key point and offer solutions. The board will also react, and the audience will be included.


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