Erasmus Student Network is expanding

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in the Netherlands is expanding. Delft is added to the list of cities with an ESN section and Arnhem is still in the running to get one.According to Ilse Klaassen, who was board member of ESN Netherlands until june, it has been six years since a city joined the ESN clan. The international student association wants to generate more visibility in our country. The board wants to reach out to international offices and students. “But local students take the initiative to found a new local section,” Klaassen tells Nuffic.

The Dutch ESN now has fifteenth local groups. Arnhem could be the sixteenth, the members of ESN will vote about that during their next ‘national platform’, as they call their general assembly.

Local groups that want to join the national ESN have to make a action plan and a promotional plan. They also have to organize a few small test activities. It is important that the organization can still survive after the people who took the initiative graduate.

Typical student cities Nijmegen and Eindhoven do not have an ESN section yet. The existing sixteen are:

ESN Groningen
ESN INHolland Diemen
ESN INHolland Haarlem
ESN INHolland Rotterdam
ESN Leeuwarden
ISN Maastricht
ESN Rotterdam
ESN Twente
ESN Utrecht
ESN VU Amsterdam
I*ESN Tilburg
ISN Amsterdam
ISN Leiden
IxESN Wageningen
ESN Delft

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