Banners fraternity about first-year girls cause outrage

Banners fraternity about first-year girls cause outrage

Going to a new university is already quite stressful, but for some female students at the Old Dominion University in Norfolk in America, it got a lot worse when they arrived. On the facade of a house, not located on campus, students hung banners with slogans like “Freshman daugther drop off” and “Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time”. The university president says he is ‘outraged’. Other universities in the United States dealt with similar incidents.Blog .Mic speaks of a ‘fraternity rape culture’. According to the blog, the banners belonged to members of the fraternity Sigma Nu. University staff were quick to say that they condemn the joke. The president of the university wrote: “While we constantly educate students, faculty and staff about sexual assault and sexual harassment, this incident confirms our collective efforts are still failing to register with some.” He also said that students who violate the university’s code of conduct will face disciplinary actions.

Elsewhere in the country, signs have popped up with similar slogans. A website called Total Frat Move collected some of them, calling the signs ‘hilarious’. One of the reactions to the post reads: ‘Do you make your pledges bury the hookers in the back yard?’. It is not the first time that fraternities are in the news because of incidents like this. Concerns about the attitude towards women and sexual violence in fraternities have been outed before, even claiming that men in American fraternities are three times more likely to rape a girl.

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