Preliminary applications at Tilburg University ‘explode’

Preliminary applications at Tilburg University ‘explode’

The number of preliminary applications for Tilburg University is significantly higher than last year. Until 17 August, 5719 first-year students have applied for our university, a way better score than in 2014.The University of Amsterdam has, up until now, 8 percent less applications. This is the biggest loss of all Dutch universities. Folia, the Amsterdam university magazine, writes that the application numbers in Tilburg ‘explode’. Our university can boast an increase of 20.8 percent.

Preliminary applications are not final yet. Students can still bail, for example when they have applied for multiple studies, or when they do not meet the admission requirements. The final number of first-year students is announced in October.

Reaction of the board
Koen Becking, chairman of the Executive Board, explains: “We are very happy, of course. Together we have set ourselves the goal to grow to a 5 percent market share. The jump forwards has now set in. When you look at the causes of this increase, I want to name a few things. For example, the focus we have on the specific qualities our university has. The new programs that the schools built, with the key point of ’the student as the main focus’, and the targeted marketing campaign. Aspects of that are the focus on our ‘home market’, and the many visits to highschools. But also special cooperations like the Econasium.”

Becking is not suprised by the growth. “No, we did see it coming, partially. There were positive signs. For example, Tilburg University scored well in the National Student Survey.”

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