Wet TOP week still successful

It is the first step towards true studenthood, the TOP week. Last week, a big group of students took that step. No more school year, but academic year. And doing homework becomes studying. How did the week go for the new-made students?”This week, we want to teach you how to drink,” two mentors scream. They don’t want to give their names. “It might make us look like annoying people.” The rest of the mentors has a different approach; they welcome the ‘children’ on Monday without any yelling. After that it is time for instructions.

No big changes
There were no shocking changes in the program this year, just like most of the years before this. Does that mean the TOP week wasn’t exiting? No. Maybe the consistent program is the strength of this week. Mentors want to be involved to relive the nostalgic feeling of their first week in Tilburg. They tell the new students about Tilburg. And the first-years don’t know any better anyway.

Things like the beer cantus, the pub crawl and the pool party have proven themselves as absolute favorites. “A combination of drinks, dances and wet hooliganism,” says Jeroen Merkuur (22) about the pool party. Other activities are also a big success. The new students seem to be enjoying themselves. The rain is only a little blemish on that. During the ‘Stadsfestival’, the market in the city center, the organization handed out 1200 rain poncho’s to try and save the day. It did not help much: a lot of people did not show up. At the pool party, another part of the program that needed good weather, the sun did show up.

But the participants did not really care about the weather, they felt like they were the boss in Tilburg for a week. Which they were, to be honest. It was impossible to make your way through the crowd and find their bikes in the center at night. After this week, it is time for reality. To really become the boss of Tilburg, you will have to study. “But I am ready for that,” says Laura (18) at the end party. “The TOP week is exhausting.”

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