Rector: master studies will not select students

Students that score sixes will not be excluded from certain master programs at Tilburg University, despite earlier indications that they would. Strict selection does not suit the growth ambitions the university has. Tilburg University does think about higher quality demands.Because of a change in the law, universities are able to select master students. Rector Emile Aarts told Univers that he applauded this development and that the university was looking into possibilities to apply the new rules. He also said that work attitude and motivation play a big part in the selection criteria. It is not all about the grades.

Yesterday, Aarts said that grades will not be taken into account at all. He announced this during a meeting of the Executive Board. Later, he explained: “We have growth ambitions. Tilburg University would like to have 15.000 students in the future. Selecting students for master programs does not match that ambition.” To achieve that growth, the university is exploring the possibilities to end the numerus fixus on some study programs.

Quality demands
It all gets a little confusing. Is Tilburg University going to select or not? According to the last signs, no. At least not based on numbers. The role of work attitude and ambition is still on the table. The university is working on upgrading its quality demands, says spokeswoman Tineke Bennema.

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