BEST: 58 FTE cut in supporting staff

Starting January 1st, 58 FTE will be cut within the supporting staff of Tilburg University. The amount of forced layoffs will be relatively low. These are the conclusions of the new BEST reorganization plan. The cutbacks are similar to those proposed in earlier proposals. Another 1,5 million will be cut on housing and subsidies. This way, there will be more money for education and research. The goal is to hire an extra 80 FTE of professors and PhD candidates with the gains from the plan.

The final plans were presented yesterday at a meeting for the supporting staff. It contains the following.

Starting January 1st 2016 the new organization will be formalized. It will have room for 611,43 FTE. That is a cut of 57,61 FTE in comparison to the current organization. The university is striving too keep forced layoffs in personnel as low as possible. Personnel that is threatened to be layed off, will be supported in finding a new job within, or outside of the new organization. An intense involvement of the participation councils is guaranteed.

Hans Dieteren, quartermaker of BEST, explained during the presentation that almost 90 per cent of all personnel should get a job in the new organization without any problems. A new place will be sought-after for the remaining 10 per cent. “At the end of September we will have 550 FTE on permanent employment, we will need 611.” A part of the remaining FTE’s that are missing will be filled by people that are on temporary employment now. Dieteren: “The big challenge will be to place people that are on temporary contracts somewhere within the new organization.”

The personnel plan will be published on the 13th of October. Then every employee will know where he or she lands within the new organization. Because the BEST operation has been going on for a while now, a lot of people have already left Tilburg University. “As a result of this, the amount of forced layoffs will be relatively small. That’s positive”, says president Koen Becking.

“The amount of forced layoffs will be relatively small”

One organization
All activities of the university will be brought together under one organization, called University Services. Because of this, the ‘purposefulness and effectiveness’ of the organization should improve. Focal point of University Services will be the Academic Support Office. This service will support the primary processes – education, research and valorization – as efficient as possible. “Fragmentation of resources, both monetary and in terms of personnel, will no longer happen”, states the new plan.

We will make sure that support is near the primary process where that’s desired (education, research, valorization), but leave more room between the supporting processes and the primary processes when possible (administration, facility management and policy).”

Apart from the central office Academic Support, University Services consists of the offices Human Resources, Finance and Control, Marketing and Communication, Executive Staff, Library and It Services and Facility Services. Three offices will have faculty teams: the Academic Support Office, Human Rersources Office and Finance and Control Office.

There are some hurdles to take before the plan becomes formalized.

– September 29th: The Executive Board hears the Service Council and the Faculty Council
– October 1st and 7th: Plan will be discussed at Daily Board meeting of the University Council
– October 9th: University Council advises
– October 13th: Personnel plan will be published
– November 17th: Executive Board will formalize the personnel plan.
– January 1st: Reorganization plan will take effect.

You can find the presented plan here. We’ve live tweeted the event, you can read it back or ask questions on our Twitter: @UniversEnglish.


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