Student faction Front starts campus cafe pilot

A special cafe for students on campus. The plan has been alive for a while now. This Monday, 12 October, it becomes reality. A pilot has to show if such an easily accessible meeting place works on campus.For now, the cafe will be open for four weeks. To be exact, from Monday until Thursday between 16.00 and 19.00. It is located in Tilbury’s, a room next to the Mensa. The Campus Cafe will be managed by students, whose task is, among other things, to sell beer for €1,25. On Front’s Facebook page, students react enthusiastically.

Lisanne Swager – Front’s general director – explains: “After this pilot, we will organize an evaluation, together with the Executive Board. By mutual agreement, we have formulated some conditions for the Campus Cafe. Ultimately, university caterer Sodexo has to agree with the opening, for example.”

Grand Café Esplanade, the neighbour across the street from the new Campus Cafe, is not yet involved in the plans. Is manager La Cloche catering not scared of competition with a permanent happy hour? “Not really,” says operational director Floris Verschuuren. “We have a completely different appearance than the student cafe. Think about our terrace and the extensive menu. We await the course of the pilot, but I do not think we get in each others way.”

The expectations of the Campus Cafe are high. Lisanne: “Front has pleaded for a student cafe on campus for months. We are happy that the pilot will start soon. This way, the campus will be more fun.”

Just to be clear: employees are also more than welcome to come have a beer at the Campus Cafe.


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