Tilburg University Poetry Café

Writing poetry… Quite a lot of people do it- more or less in the open. Now you don’t have to craft wonderful verse in the dark of your own chilly room anymore. Tomorrow, Tuesday October 13, you can visit the first edition of Tilburg University Poetry Café!There’s more to life than science! Do you want to take part in collective poetry writing and performance at the campus? Learn about making poetry yourself or better your poetry skills. And if you dare- share with others what you can make with words. Tuesday afternoon from 16.30 to 18.00 hrs you’re welcome at the Cultural Garden (E 219 in the Esplanade Building). The event is organized by Chiara Raucea (Campus Poet 2015). Her predecessor, Bob Kapteijns, will also join. This semester the Poetry Café will open once every month. Univers will visit soon and learn more about this inspiring Café.


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