EU wants to encourage African students to migrate

European leaders are going to discuss a plan to let students, skilled workers and entrepreneurs from Afrika migrate to Europe legally. This should put human traffickers out of business.The plan should also serve as compensation for the demographic decline on the European continent, since in many European countries, the population is aging. Among other things, Africans will be able to get language training and get their qualifications recognized in Europe. Thousands of people will be helped to come here this way.

The proposal for this has leaked to the media, writes British daily The Telegraph. The paper also writes that leaders in Europe might not be too eager to implement the plan, because they already have trouble dealing with the immigration crisis as it is. They would have to take a lot of measures if they want to do everything that the plan prescribes, like simplifying visa systems, double the number of scholarships, and provide help with claiming social benefits.

Next month, the leaders will discuss the plans in Valletta, Malta.


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