Busy library causes students to spread around campus

In the Mensa, the pantries and even the university board’s conference room: students find a place to study everywhere around campus. According to them, the library is very busy and it is hard to find a spot to study. The university’s growth ambition could put even more pressure on the facilities.The university wants to be able to serve 15.000 students in 2020. A round onĀ campus shows that the university’s facilities are already reaching their maximum capacity. In the Mensa, a lot of students are studying instead of eating. “We do come here because we could not find a spot in the library this morning,” says a student, when asked why she is working on a group project next to people eating their french fries. “If you want to be able to sit in a quiet spot, you have to come very early in the morning.”

Employees at the front desk of the library confirm that it has been very busy in the past months, but say that most of the time, students can find a place to sit. In the university’s real estate plan, the board is preparing for the future. Paul Hoeijmans from the department of Real Estate Management told UniversĀ that there are plans for new buildings, if the student growth causes a need for more room. For now, parts of Prisma building have been demolished and the university is building an Education and Study center on the free ground. Hoeijmans says that this new building will partially solve the capacity problems at the library, with a lot of room for self-study.


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