What do you want to read about?

I got a great opportunity to become a blogger and decided to give it a go. Now, having started, I want to share few things with you. Firstly, I believe that the Reader is co-author. Next to my attempts to always try and be genuine and honest in my work, I want this communication to be both sided. How? Well, today we can interact more quickly and effectively so if you scroll down, you can find a comment box and easily leave a comment or do with this text as you please – share it, mock it or print it and frame it instead of that ugly IKEA picture of Big Ben in your room.Looking down
Our Campus is not one-dimensional. There are more than ten thousand pairs of eyes that wake up every morning and observe it through their own lenses of experience, wishes, dreams and struggles: there are Chinatown kids, Talent Square kids, city centre hipsters, twenty something Dutch kids that still travel home each weekend with bags full of dirty underwear, poor Balkan kids getting used to Ramen soup- just to name a few. We are all part of this Campus, at which we do things and where things happen to us.

Firstly, I believe that the Reader is co-author

Looking up
The universities across the Netherlands and the rest of Europe are undergoing major structural changes. Movements like The New University are ways in which students and professors express their concern about the growing gap between the central management of the university and the academia. We are moving from Understanding Society towards Advancing Society, which is definitely not a misfit slogan. What is problematic is the inability of academia to vocalize their needs while being faced with new strategies of financing where the burden to bring in the money for research falls on the researchers themselves, making their work vulnerable and dependent on third parties. Alas, it is hard to keep our gazes up.

Regardless of our personal struggles, it has to be acknowledged that we are gradually becoming important parts of our society, regardless of where we come from. And for the part where we are all at the same Campus, tell me:

What do you want to read about?
Well, if someone has to start, I can do it. No punchlines, just a notification: I will be traveling in Morocco next week and I plan to do some research of student life in Morocco! I’ll try and look into their lifestyle and exactly how much they do or do not care about the beer pong. If this has little or something to do with your interests, or if you want to know something more, just drop by or leave a note!


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