Become the new campus poet

It is time for the annual campus poet election! After a year of hard work, the current campus poet Chiara Raucea puts down her pen and the position is open for another poetry talent.The election for campus poet 2016 has started. Every year, a jury chooses someone to provide events during the academic year with a touch of literature. Former campus poets have performed on campus and in the city, published their poems in Univers and on other platforms and have organised poetry gatherings themselves.

Do you enjoy writing poetry and want to join the competition? You can apply through an email to with your ANR and a minimum of 3 poems, including at least one poem about campus life. During the Poetry Party on 28 January you will get the possibility to perform your work, after which the winner will be chosen. More information is to be found here.

In an interview in February, Chiara told Univers about writing: “Writing about a place is like dating that place and getting to know it. I wrote a poem about my favorite spot in Tilburg, the Piushaven. I did not discover it until I lived in Tilburg for a year. It is very close to my home. I missed being near water and suddenly stumbled upon it, like a hidden secret. I went there every afternoon for quite some time.” The whole interview can be found in Univers no. 9.


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