TiU International plans on ‘making a lot of noise’ about real estate

TiU International plans on ‘making a lot of noise’ about real estate

TiU International has criticized the university’s real estate plan for a while now. Since this week’s Finance and Infrastructure Committee (CFI) meeting did not bring the opportunity to reopen the discussion about it, the faction plans on making noise in the media and on campus. The bone of contention is the plan to sell or rent out Dante building.The university’s real estate vision has been approved by the council before TiU International’s time. “We hope we can reopen the discussion about the content of this plan,” says Tobias Klein. “But right now, it’s all about procedure. Other parties just say that it is already decided, and that is frustrating.” TiU International wants to reconsider the decision, because the plans change the university into “a different university than we would like to have.” Klein: “Small changes have a big effect. For example, in the new plans, corridors are closed of by a door that can be opened with a card. Students will not be able to just drop by anymore. The interaction between people changes and it might even discourage scientists from coming to campus.”

On the faction’s Facebook, TiU International wrote, above a picture of Dante building: “The university board and facility services want to get rid of this perfectly fine building and put TSH together with TiSEM. […] We fiercely disagree–this completely goes in the wrong direction. […] General topic: the real estate plans of this university should be changed! Let’s do something that is good for the students and employees. We don’t want funky new buildings, we want to meet with students in our offices.” 

Right now, the faction is thinking about how it wants to address the issue further. “We have not decided which way to go, because we still hope we can discuss it in the committee meeting. If that is not possible, we will think of other ways to put it back on the university’s agenda, and it will definitely be part of the next university council elections.”


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