Bicycle Hopping also in Tilburg

Making a reservation for a rental bike with your smartphone? From February onwards this will be possible in Tilburg. Bicycle corporation Hopper Point, already active in Eindhoven, is working with the province of Noord-Brabant to expand its activities to other cities.

“Sharing is the new owning” is the motto of Hopper Point. “We capitalize on short business traffic and employers who want to encourage cycling,” says co-founder Coen Vermeulen. He hopes to encourage bicycle use so that people are less likely to choose the car.

Hopper Point at Tilburg University

In the course of 2016 ten Hopper Point places will arise in Tilburg, each containing between six and twelve bicycles. The first is at the municipal office at Spoorlaan and the second is probably at the Albert Heijn XL. “We currently have a shortlist of fifteen potential locations,” says Vermeulen. Tilburg University is also on the list. “We are still discussing the locations. We want all ten points in Tilburg to be operational as soon as possible.”


Renting a bike is possible by app. The user can sign up in person or through their employer. Renting a bike (24 hours) costs between three and ten euros. The rates in Eindhoven and Tilburg are thereby equal.

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