Arrival Days: prepare for study and fun

International students arriving in Tilburg get a warm welcome. During the Arrival Days, they are picked up from the station to get all their practical matters in order.

In Academia Building, the exchange students can pick up housing keys, buy a bike and register a bank account. They can also sign up with student association I*ESN and for the winter TOP-week. Late in the morning, I*ESN chairman Elisa de Klerk notes that she hasn’t seen many fresh students yet. “But we expect around 200,” she says. “Most are still underway by train, mostly from Schiphol. The trip tends to go well, students don’t get lost. But once they are here, we do see them very excited. Like: finally, we’re here!”

Juliana (19) from Colombia is registering with I*ESN. She came to Tilburg wanting to learn a lot. She also hopes to share many experiences. And: “The Netherlands is a beautiful country.”

Viola, Virginia and Gabriella (21) from Italy are less outspoken about their expectations. “No study, only fun!”, Viola jokes. They do have a solid explanation for choosing Tilburg. “The Dutch people speak very good English,” Gabriella says. And very popular locations, like London, were already full.


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