I*ESN is moving

The headquarters of international student organization I*ESN is going to move to the other side of the street. Brabants Dagblad writes that home base ‘Carpe Diem’ at the Heuvelring in the center of Tilburg is left for a building across the street, the former location of bar ‘Nou & Of’ (Heuvelring 45). “We want to grow further,” says Elisa de Klerk, president of the association. “And we can do that at the new location.”Since 2011, I*ESN resides at Heuvelring 102. “Our ‘Carpe Diem’-building is beautiful on the outside, but truth is the facilities were limited”, says De Klerk. “At the new location we have a beautiful boardroom and in general there is more space.”

The International Exchange Erasmus Student Network (I*ESN) is growing significantly. In 2011, the association had some 350 members; now there are 800. De Klerk: “About 40 percent is Dutch, the rest is international. They come from everywhere, even from Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.”

In June, I*ESN hopes to celebrate their 5th anniversary at the new location.

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