Soccer tournament for students and refugees

On Friday January 22 students can competete against refugees. Together with Avans, Tilburg University organizes a soccer tournament on the ground of TSVV Merlijn. The tournament takes place from 13:00 untill 18:00.

The idea comes from Avans teacher Yvonne Janssen. Reason to organize this event is the harsh refugee debate. With this soccer event Yvonne wants to bring the students and refugees together. ‘’Sport is a binding force”, Yvonne says to Punt, the magazine of Avans.

Besides the soccer tournament there is a lecture by Layla Alizadah. The student of Avans was born in Afghanistan and tells about her background/past. The Afghan restaurant Sarban will cater the event with some great appetizers. Students who are not really into soccer: Neoli will also organize a bootcamp.

The tournament takes place at Merlinello in Tilburg. You can register with this link .



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