Students in Wageningen protest against meatless monday

Some universities in the Netherlands have been experimenting with a Meatless Monday, to encourage students and employees to consume less meat. In Nijmegen and Rotterdam, this already caused quite some uproar. Yesterday, students in Wageningen protested against the university’s meat policy.Since May, there is very little meat available on Mondays at Wageningen University. The ‘Green Office’ wants to make students and employees aware of the problems that come with meat production, like climate change, and animal suffering. A group of five students does not agree with this. They protested today by handing out little meat balls to passer-by’s while dressed in hotdog and cow outfits.

The students told the university magazine Resource that they are not necessarily against a Meatfree Monday, but they think it just won’t work. They believe it would be better if a university informs students and employees, so each individual can make the choice independently. The protesters have spoken to the head of the Green Office, who said that she is willing to discuss the matter with the students.

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