Busiest ‘carnaval warm up’ ever this Saturday

It is that time of the year again, soon the southern parts of the Netherlands will celebrate carnaval. This Saturday, the city center will warm up for the actual party during Proefblaoze, and it is best to prepare yourself for what is coming, because it will be the busiest edition of this event so far.Around 25 brass bands and orchestras will walk around the center and play carnaval music for the the shopping crowds. With a number of 489 musicians, this is a record for the city of Tilburg. If you want to visit the city center on Saturday the Proefblaoze organisation asks you to wear an orange-green scarf around your neck. The tradition is meant to show the world that Tilburg is ready for the actual carnaval the week after.

If you just arrived in Tilburg, or never participated in carnaval yet, you can also buy the needed scarf (or hat, or anything else that is orange and green) at a special stand. If you feel like you need more preparation for carnaval as an international than a simple scarf, you can read the International’s guide to carnaval that former Tilburg University student Dave Brett wrote last year.


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