Being joyful in ‘October country’

Tilburg University is a melting pot full of interesting people. Student Rebekka Rohe finds and portraits them. Today: Monica Anghel (20). She is a second-year Economics student at Tilburg University. Before coming to the Netherlands, she lived with her father, a business owner, and her stepmother in Bucharest.


“It is impossible to choose how people see you,” Monica states. ‎”Yet, if I could, I would like to be seen as a nice, joyful person others can trust.” Indeed, these aspects of her character are becoming very visible during our interview together. She has a fine sense of humor, even though it takes some time until the conversation becomes a relaxed chat instead of questions and answers.

Monica is a very thoughtful and calm young woman, taking her time and thoroughly thinking before starting to talk about herself. “I think a lot about traveling to exotic places when I find the courage and a travel partner. This is something very untypical for Romanians, but all my friends here travel so much and now I want to try it the ‘Dutch way’ as well.” After finishing her studies, Monica is not planning to go back to her home country. Instead, she is planning to go “where the wind blows me” and where she can find stability and a home.

“It is impossible to choose how people see you”

“My main motivation in all aspects of life is the satisfaction of having done something meaningful.” Following this motto, Monica is planning on becoming a policy advisor or studying the development of countries after her Bachelor. Yet, there is a very different side to Monica, having fun playing all different kind of games and full of creativity. “Musicians, theatre and movie actors, opera singers and all other kind of artists inspire me,” she explains. “When I am not feeling well, I watch a movie and get motivated by people capturing life with their art.”

Monica’s final words? “All international students should be aware of the weather in The Netherlands! I thought I knew what rain was. I was wrong. It feels like constantly living in autumn. I am living in October country”.


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