3D printing at Tilburg University

Need a new smartphone cover? Lost the cap of your bicycle tire? No worries: next Friday (February 19) the 3D Print Lab will open at Tilburg University. Students will get discount using the 3D printer.
The 3D Print Lab is for students of Tilburg University, and other educational institutes in Tilburg. Also SMEs are allowed to make use of the industrial printer. Dirk Brands, CEO 3D Printing Lab: “We will ensure that SMEs and educational institutes become acquainted with 3D printing, so that they will use it more. The fun part of this new technology is that anyone can easily design and print something. For students we have discounted prices.”

Brands expects that the printer will be operational this Friday. Students need to wait another week or two until they can use it, because an essential website to check the design drawings is not ready yet. Brands explains: “Students bring their own designs which they can create or download. After approval by the website, the machine will print their product in plastic.”

“I expect non-technical students to think out of the box”

The printer is originally developed for industrial products, for example for machine parts. According to Brands the designs students come up with are on the contrary very original, such as: a hockey stick clip for a bicycle or laptop cable clips. “It is nice that we are not located at a technical university here. I expect non-technical students to think out of the box, and I think that they will come up with very creative solutions to certain problems.”

The 3D Print Lab is located in the Goossens building, at the former location of Studystore.

Image: Subhashish Panigrahi

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