Foreign PhD students good for Dutch economy

The Dutch economy prospers from the increase in foreign PhD students. The ones that stay pay enough taxes to cover the costs the Dutch government has for them. A research report from the Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) shows this.

In the academic year 2012-2013, there were 4321 promotions. Of the PhD students in the Netherlands, 38 percent comes from another country. This is above the international average. It is attractive to do a PhD in the Netherlands, since people who do this are treated as employees, and get a salary and social security.

International PhD students are completely responsible for the growth in PhD students in recent years. Ten years after finishing their studies, 32 percent of the internationals are still working in the Netherlands. They work in the private sector more often than the Dutch and have a higher salary. This is beneficial for the Dutch economy, since this way, they pay more taxes. The offer of highly educated labor rises with the incoming PhD students, and this is good for the gross national product, CPB writes. About the competitive position of Dutch PhD students, the organization writes: “It is possible that foreign PhD’s take research positions from Dutch researchers.


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