Hommen: ‘Possible third member Executive Board Tilburg University’

Hommen: ‘Possible third member Executive Board Tilburg University’

The Executive Board of Tilburg University may be extended with a third member. The Foundation Board believes that an extra member makes it easier for the Executive Board to cope with increasing pressure. On Monday that is what the Foundation Board’s chairman Jan Hommen said during the master class ‘How the student becomes a top director’.“I do not think there is too much concentration of power,” Hommen said during his lecture. “But because some tasks are getting very heavy, expansion of the Executive Board may be necessary. With more manpower Tilburg University may for instance be better at getting grants from The Hague and Brussels.”

The former director of ING and Philips also spoke about the policy of Tilburg University. In the context of social innovation, the university can play a leading role, said Hommen. “There are new technologies and structures that require a different way of thinking. Financially Tilburg University is organized vertically (executives are responsible for their department) instead of horizontally (functions are on a equivalent level).”

“Also, new technology will play an important role,” said Hommen. “There is already a new currency: the Bitcoin, in this case transactions are based on trust. People can do mutual transactions without a third person in between. That changes the fiscal systems. In Tilburg we have everything it takes to play a leading role in this. But these are thoughts, not yet a reality. ”

How do the U-council parties of Abvakabo and the Independents respond to the possible appointment of a third board member? “We think this is a good development,” says Hans Haan (Independents). Marinus Verhagen of Abvakabo adds: “We all know that former Board President Hein van Oorschot was more familiar with internal affairs at the university, he really knew all the files inside out. Current Executive Board chairman Koen Becking is better at building and maintaining external contacts. It would be nice if the third board member was a woman with knowledge of the internal records.” Tobias Klein (Tilburg University-International): “We propose to think about the possibility of having a university graduate as a third member, preferably a social scientist. Tilburg University is a social science university, and some things are different in the social sciences than in the hard sciences.”

The search for the third board member is led by Mirjam Bult, vice president of the University of Twente. Univers has not seen an external advertisement.


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