Extra bins in flats

Before July all flats in Tilburg will get an extra waste container. The newcomer is for ‘pmd’: plastic, metal and drink packs. Currently there is only a separation between paper and other waste. All flats with three floors or more, will be provided with the pmd bin (‘kliko’ in Dutch) before July 1st. There is no separation for biodegradable waste yet, but that may come in the future. The municipality says it wants to move gradually to an optimal waste separation in the city. The amount of organic waste in flats is quite small, according to a spokesman. That is why pmd separation has priority. Textiles and tin will remain to be ‘bring’ trash.

From this summer on all flats will have three bins: paper, pmd and other waste. We asked students from student flats what they think of it. Will they stick to these new waste separation rules?

Little effort

In the student residence Talent Square we meet Tjeerd (21). He says: “It is better for the environment, so I understand that this happens. But how it is regulated now, is fine by me. It is easier to only separate paper and other waste. Collecting plastic waste separately will also take up more space. So a pmd container is not really necessary for me.”

“Waste separation needs to be easily accessible to be effective”

Martijn (34) lives at the Professor de Moorplein. Inside that flat there are two containers: paper and other waste. Outside the building there are two additional bins for plastic and packaging. “I do not mind to walk a bit to throw away my waste, since it only takes little effort to support the environment. But I think waste separation needs to be easily accessible to be effective.”

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