“In adult life everything is static. I like to change”

“In adult life everything is static. I like to change”

Tilburg University is a melting pot full of interesting people. Student Rebekka Rohe finds and portraits them. Today: Minoo Movahhed (27), the daughter of a Maths teacher and a banker. She grew up in Teheran for most of her childhood and has two brothers. At the moment, she is doing her research master in Business at Tilburg University.“Before, it could happen to me that I left my flat to go to university, but ended up being gone for 7 days straight,” Minoo tells laughing. The outgoing and easy-minded young woman finds home in the unfamiliar. After finishing her masters in electrical engineering in Iran, Minoo went to Antwerp and finally to Tilburg to finish her education. “When I was studying engineering, everyone told me that the job would be much more satisfying. But the job was much worse than the study,” Minoo explains. “When you work, you don’t meet any new people or learn new things. That is what I love about university life: you are influenced by others and change minds in return.” This passion to gain experiences was the main reason for her to do a PhD, giving her the chance to have a balanced life while working in different fields at the same time. Specific career plans? “I will decide on my future when the weather gets better.”Minoo

Minoos´ inspiration to live her life the way she does is mainly coming from her mother and father: a woman “who is one of the smartest people of her time” and a “really poetic man, who has no idea about mathematics but is a great artist.” Yet, professors enjoy Minoos’ admiration because they “just start talking and enrich people with it. Often, they don’t even notice the attention.”

The interview with this sympathetic student is shaped by one main topic: “Going into one direction is just not my thing.” In the last year, Minoo changed her place of living three times to meet new people, do new things and escape from the dullness of familiarity. Simultaneously, ‘future’ is not a concept she worries about too much. Instead, “watching out for possibilities coming across” is much more important in Minoos´ life. The young woman leaves the impression of an admirable person, who knows very exactly what she wants in life, without burdening herself about the details, like many others. Minoo has her priorities straight, while still being able to enjoy the unexpected.

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