TiU is best general university for master studies

Tilburg University is the best general university, according to the Keuzegids (choice guide) Masters 2016. With a grade of 63,5 out of 100, TiU scores higher than the national average of 60,4. TIAS scores even higher: 72 points.

Of all Tilburg master studies, the best are: the Research Master in Law (80) and the master Social and Behavioural Sciences (76). The worst are Philosophy (50) and Supply Chain Management and Psychology and Mental Health (52).

In the top 22 of all master studies, we do not find Tilburg University. TIAS does make it to the 14th place with the master International Business Administration (88), but that program is based in Utrecht. TIAS does score better than TiU overall, with a score of 72 out of 100. The programs also come in higher: in the 93 TOP studies (score of 76 or higher), TIAS is present seven times. TiU has only two entries.

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