Library becomes inaccessible for high school students

From 12 to 27 May 2016, the university library will only be accessible with a TiU card after 17.00. The Executive Committee agreed to this plan today. This way, high school students and students from institutions other than Tilburg University are excluded, to avoid disturbance and an overcrowded library.This is a pilot during the exam period. The pilot does raise some questions. Machiel Hermans from student faction Front noted that the evenings are not the busiest moments of the day in the library. Just like student faction SAM’s Gijs Kremers he wonders how useful this pilot will be. Hans Haans from employee faction Onafhankelijken said that Econasium students (talented high school students in a special Tilburg University program) are also excluded, unintentionally. They should have access, but they do not have a card. As an alternative, Front proposes electronic access control, that can be switched on and off during exam periods.

Chairman of the board Koen Becking says he will take these objections into account. At the same time, he says he wants to await the outcome of the pilot. “I think this will have an effect soon. Let’s start and face the practical problems,” he proposes. Rector Emile Aarts is no proponent of electronic control: “That way, we move the problem, because we want to create more work spaces elsewhere. Or we have to start guarding the buildings.” Eventually, all parties agree with the plan as it is proposed.

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