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Soon, we will again vote for the university council. Between 11 and 14 April, or 12 and 14 if you are a student, you get to cast your vote for the employee faction or student faction of your choice. But what are the options this year?Something has changed in the elections this year. A third student faction is now running for seats in the council. The members of Student Democrats think that students should form a community, a lot more than they do now. They also want to be the international aspect in the student part of the council. In this month’s Univers, party leader Edmond Bitay says that council meetings should be in English.

But of course, the other two student factions are also still going strong. Yara Muller, the leader of faction Sam, wants to make what happens in the university council more visible to the students and says that digitization is an important goal for her party. Sam is working together with the university to create a digital platform. The party also wants a flexible semester, for students to do an internship or exchange.

Front’s Bo Backbier says the three cornerstones her party stands for are the active student, internationalization and communication. Students should have a more accessible place to give their opinion about education, according to Front. That is why the students founded Participation Association Front.

Employees also get to vote this year, they do it every two years instead of annually. They have two choices: TiU International or Fractie Onafhankelijken. TiU International, led by Tobias Klein, has an international view on university matters and wants to create a lively and inviting campus.

Hans Haans, from Fractie Onafhankelijken, says that his party thinks in alternatives and solutions. He calls it ‘critically cooperative’. For this party, people’s personal story is important and because of that, important themes are the role of teachers and the quality of outsourced services.

In an article in this month’s Univers magazine, the five party leaders of the various parties give these and more views of the upcoming elections and on what is necessary at Tilburg University. The article, in Dutch, can be found in Univers tomorrow. 


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