Party leaders: Bo Backbier (student party Front)

The University Council elections commence the second week of April, but they already are more eventful than previous years. Not only can a new student party be found on the ballot for the first time in ten years, but also, the Abvakabo staff party has merged with the Onafhankelijken Why do you want to be part of the University Council?
“If I’m elected, I will give up my seat. Instead, I’ll be involved in the Front student party as the leader of the new Front participation association. This means that I won’t be taking a seat on the council, but through the association, I will contribute to the University Council, with the goal of increasing the students’ involvement.”

What would you like to add to the University Council?
“I want it to be easier for students to voice their opinion about education. They now have somewhere to do that: the Front participation association. I will communicate the student’s suggestions to the Front student party. This allows me to contribute up to date information to the University Council, based on the students’ input.”

“I want it to be easier for students to voice their opinion about education”

What are the key issues for your party in the upcoming election?
“First of all, our focus is on active students, by making sure, among other things, that they will continue to have room for self-development. Also, communication is a key issue. Our foundation rests on three pillars: the active student, internationalization and communication.”

What has the Front student party accomplished so far?
“Facilities that students really appreciate, such as increased opening hours of the university library, outside study spaces, microwaves, more halal food at the Mensa and its new weekend opening hours… This is what the University Council is really meant for: looking after the student’s interests.”

Why should students vote for the Front student party?
“Do you, as a student, want to take this chance to say what you really think and step out in front of the faceless crowd? Do you want to contribute to the quality of the education you receive? Vote for the Front student party.”


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