Training day for refugees

Tilburg University and TIAS School for Business & Society organize a training day for refugees tomorrow. The goal is to inform refugees about their chances on the Dutch labor market and match them with local businesses.”We want to give 30 to 40 highly educated refugees a warm introduction at businesses.” Geert-Jan Peters, TIAS Corporate Relations director, says this in the video below. The concerning refugees have a status and are very motivated to develop themselves further in the Netherlands.

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, an organisation for refugees, is involved in the organization of the day. The association is very well-informed on cultural differences between the Syrian and Dutch labor market, says Peters. “We want to inform the refugees about that too”, he says. “For example, we handle hierarchy and bosses differently in the Netherlands.”

The day is with a range of speeddate sessions between companies and candidates for internships and jobs. Interested business can still apply. For more information, send an e-mail to

More information about activities that are organized by and for refugees at Tilburg University is to be found here.


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