Front and TiU International win at university elections

Front and TiU International win at university elections

Student faction Front has won the university elections today, with a total of 5 seats. Employee faction TiU International got 3 seats, one more than it had two years ago. The results of the university council elections were announced yesterday night, in a tight space in soon-to-be-demolished Prisma buildingAfter three long days of collecting votes on campus, the students are looking forward to the final outcome of the university council elections. The employee factions are also clearly excited. The redeeming pages with the results create a roar that quickly fills the small PZ40 room . Soon, people go back outside to get some fresh air.

The results for the students
Of the 11713 students who were allowed to vote, 49 percent did. Faction Front got 5 seats in the council, for the third year in a row. Faction Sam got the other 4 seats. The new student faction, Student Democrats, got 310 votes, not enough for a seat in the council. Bo Backbier (Front) says she is extremely happy: “This is a reward for our dedication. Students chose us.” Backbier will not claim her seat in the council, she gives it to Janne Wijdeven.

Yara Muller (SAM) is “super proud. We have worked very hard. It was tough, but very fun. We can go on with our heads held high. Of course there are people who are disappointed. That is a double feeling, but this is how the game works. We have tried to get as much out of it as we could.”

The results for the employees
Of the 1786 people who were allowed to vote, 65.6 percent did. Onafhankelijken has 6 seats. TiU International 3. That is one seat more for the internationals. Hans Haans (Onafhankelijken) is “super happy. The stress of the past months has been totally worth it. It was hard to predict what the result would be, especially after our merge with ABVAKABO.”

Tobias Klein of TiU International is happy that his party grew with one seat. “It’s great that so many people voted. We are also happy to have gained positions in the service council and the TiSEM council.”

Eventful run
The campaign for the elections was eventful this year. Last year, the election circus reached its peak: tablets were pushed under peoples noses in trains and in the center of the city. This year, factions covenanted to counteract this fuss. Something else that was new, was that the two biggest employee factions, ABVAKABO and Onafhankelijken, merged. There were two employee factions running: Onafhankelijken and TiU International.

There was also criticism. Faction Front had created a construction where number 1 Bo Backbier gives up her seat when elected. They did this to promote the new faction participation association. Also, the voting rights of students that also work part time at the university were debated: they could not vote for a student, but had to vote for an employee.


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