Oops: 5000 students accepted by mistake

An American university inadvertently sent out acceptance letters to more than 5,000 prospective students. The State University of New York at Buffalo used a wrong email list from their database. After discovering the mistake, the university quickly sent out an apology letter, stating it “regretted the error, as well as any stress it may have caused students and families.”

The applicants had not yet made the cut. Not withstanding the premature email, the university stressed to say that all students affected are still being considered for admission. “It is important to note that the admission applications of this group of students are still under review and the students are still being considered for acceptance by the university.”

The university’s enrolment management department has taken “immediate steps” to ensure that this kind of errors will not occur again in the future.

The University at Buffalo has approximately 30,000 students.

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