Slam for campus poets

Campus poet Jan Völkel organizes a campus poetry slam next week. On the 18th of May all students who love and write poetry can compete and try to win a spot in the semi-finals of the Dutch poetry slam championships.Völkel has competed in poetry slams himself back in Germany, but got tired of the scene at that time; a scene that was mainly focused on jokes at the expense of groups of people. When he visited an event in America, however, it inspired him to get back in the game. “There, the poets really new how to bring their message across, even when I did not know everything about the thing they were criticizing.”

Around campus, Jan notices that students still think of poetry as something old-fashioned. “It does not have to be though,” he says. “Modern poetry is not so abstract, it can be understood easily.” He hopes that more people will reconsider their views. On the 18th of May poets from all around campus can battle each other in two rounds, during EXPRESSION – The Campus Poetry slam in Tilburg. A jury as well as the audience rates the performances, and the best poetry slammer goes to the Dutch semi-finals.

If you want to join the slam, you can send an e-mail to Jan at Or, if you decide late, you can just come to the event.

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