Less Dutch students at UK universities due to Brexit

Whether you like it or not, Team Brexit is the winner in the British referendum about the EU-membership. Now it is time to take a look at the consequences. The Dutch National Students Association believes that a lot less Dutch students will go to universities at the other end of the Canal, when Great Britain actually leaves the EU.

With almost 7,000 Dutch students in Great Britain this is the most popular country for Dutch international students. But will studying in the United Kingdom remain possible? Only for people with fat wallets, expects the Dutch National Students Association. At the moment Dutch students pay the same tuition fee as British students; around 11,500 euros. That amount will double when the UK is no longer part of the EU. The tuition fee will even quadruple on the University College London, where the amount will rise to 41,000 euros.

For British Universities, Brexit seems to be far from ideal as well. They have around 125.000 students from European descent in their classes. That translates to a sum of five billion euros that are on the line for them. A fact well known to the boards of those universities: that is why a hundred of them made their worries clear, by writing a pressing letter in the run up tot the referendum.


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