Studying in New Zealand thanks to new scholarship

Feel like spending a semester in New Zealand? Thanks to the “Dream NEW” scholarship, you might just be in luck. This new programme will grant 8 students a scholarship, which will be used to spend a semester in New Zealand. The chosen candidates can pick one of the eight universities that the island has to offer.

The program is part of the Initiave for Transparency in Educational Grants (ItS). This award-winning non-profit wants to ensure that study support is being accessible for everyone. That is why the scholarship that they provide will cover the tuition fee for one semester, starting in February 2017.

How to apply
To apply for this scholarship students have to not only fill in an application form, they also have to write a short essay (maximum 1500 words) or create a short video (maximum 2 minutes) in which they have to introduce themselves. In this essay or video, the candidates have to explain why they are the right pick for the “Dream New” program. The applicants also have to apply to their university of choice. The application evidence must be included with the essay or video.

Sadly, not every students can participate. There are certain qualifications that have to be met. The applicants must be at least 18 years old, and either be a EU citizen, or hold a EU residents status for a minimum of two years. They also have to be currently enrolled at a tertiary instituation in one of the 28 EU countries.

Are you feeling excited? You can visit their website to find more information, and download their application form. Who knows, you might just end up studying on the other side of the planet for a semester.

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