Surviving the TOP Week

Good heavens, how are you going to survive this Top Week? You should eat the right food at the very least. With the help from Leonie ter Veld (author of a student cookbook), Univers will post (healthy) tips throughout the week for upcoming students.

You will have to start your Monday pretty early at the Sports Center, located close to the university: make sure you’re in line to register at eight in the morning. After that, prepare for some exercise during the day. There will be a gamesday in the Leypark on Tuesday. Get ready for a singleparty in the evening, where everybody can play their favorite single in pop venue 013.

Brace yourself for the beercantus on Wednesday, which is located in the spoorzone. Even people that don’t drink alcohol can keep going. Comedic Dutch duo De Westermannen will perform their show ‘ben-ik-geschikt-voor-het-studentenleven’ as an alternative. Don’t know any dutch? Then you can go to the Pathé cinema to watch the movie Jungle Book. The TOP-festival starts on Thursday at 1 o’clock at the Koningsplein. After that, you can hit the city during the pub crawl. The party will continue on Friday during a poolparty at the swimmingpool in Stappegoor, which will be followed by the Final Party at the Spoorzone.

All in all, a pretty exhausting ordeal. But don’t panick! Starting of Monday, Univers will hand you the tips to stay energized, and defeat those horrible hangovers.

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